Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Stockett, K. (2011). The Help. New York: Putnam Publishing. Grades 10-12.

Subject Area: Language Arts
Genre: Historical Fiction

Summary: This novel is about a young college graduate who yearns to be a writer and a reporter. She takes a job writing a mediocre column as she awaits the opportunity to write something meaningful. During a time when racism was at its peak in our country, the girl decides to write what its like to be "the help" and exposes the ways that these women are being mistreated.

Themes/Topics: Culture, Racism, History

Initiating Questions & Activity:

  • Questions: What is it that you already know about civil rights? What would you like to know? How do you think this book will end?
  • Activity: In small groups we will discuss these questions. The students will be asked to list three things that they already know about civil rights as well as three things that they would like to know about civil rights. We will also brainstorm as a class about what we think might happen in the book based on the description given on the back cover.
Culminating & Extending Questions:
  • Questions: What did you learn from the book? Did you have a favorite part in the book? What questions do you still have regarding civil rights?
  • Activity: Being that a story such as this could have ended in several different ways, both good and bad, I will ask the students to individually write their own alternative ending to the story. We will then share our alternative endings in small groups.
  • Activity: 

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