Thursday, October 13, 2011

Always There For You by Sasha Quinton

Quinton, S. (2006). Always There For You. Indiana: Books Are Fun. Grades PreK-1.

Subject Area: Language Area
Genre: Fiction, Poetry

Summary: This story is about two bears that are wonderful friends. As the pages go on, the bears explain that they will be there for each other through all of the seasons. Through springtime, summer, autumn and wintertime and regardless of what troubles come their way, they will always be the best of friends.

Initiating Questions & Activity:
  • Questions: Who here has a best friend? Do you have more than one best friend? What do you think it means to be a best friend? What is one thing that you do with your best friend?
  • Activity: The students will answer and discuss the questions together as they are posed to them. We will also consider and brainstorm what a good best friend does within a friendship.

Culminating & Extending Questions:
  • Questions: Does this book sound like a friendship that you have? Could this type of friendship exist between you and a family member? Can it exist between a group of friends or only two people?
  • Activity: We will break the students up into four groups in order to represent all four seasons of the year that were described in the book. Each group will brainstorm and come up with ideas of fun things to do with their best friend during that season.

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  1. Too cool! Awesome ideas for activities and questions to use with these books! :) I also like how you incorporated the pictures as well.