Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? By Carmela LaVigna Coyle

Coyle, C. L. (2003). Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots. Arizona: Rising Moon. Grades K-3.

Subject Area: Language Arts
Genre: Fiction

Summary: This story is about a little girl who is eager to know what a princess is really like. Throughout the book, the young girl continuously asks her mother if princesses do certain things such as clean the house or climb trees. By the end of the story, she wants to know if princesses look anything like she does and her mother explains that she must look in the mirror and see for herself.

Themes/Topics: Self-perception; family

Initiating Questions & Activity:
  • Questions: Who here knows any princesses? Do you think it would be fun to be a princess? What do you think a princess does from day to day? Would you like to be a princess?
  • Activity: Because this book is really for the self-perception of young girls, this is not a book that I would necessarily use with a full classroom of boys and girls so much as I would use it only with a group of girls. We would discuss what we think a princess looks like or how a princess acts. We may also discuss a real life figure such as Princess Kate in England or the legendary Princess Diana.
Culminating & Extending Questions:
  • Questions: What was your favorite thing that the little girl in this story did? Has your view of what a princess is changed since we have read this story? Do you consider yourself to be a princess? Would you still want to be a princess if you were able to be?
  • Activity: Because this story focuses a lot on positive self-perception, I would like to see the group of girls that I was working with list qualities within themselves that they really like and also qualities that they think reflect that of a princess.

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