Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Chick Hatches by Joanna Cole

Dorros, A. (1997). A Tree is Growing. New York: Scholastic. Grades K-4.

Award: Book Award Winner 1998, Orbis Pictus Honor Book 1998
Subject Area: Science
Genre: Picture Book

Summary: This book uses many pictures and simple explanations to portray how trees grow and what helps them to grow. The author gives general information about leaves, roots, bark, flowers, and seeds, and how they change through the seasons. It also mentions the wildlife animals that live and interact with these growing trees. 

Themes/Topics: Life cycle of a tree

Initiating Questions & Activity:

  • Questions: Where do trees come from? Has anyone ever seen a very small tree? How do you make a tree grow? What does it eat and drink?
  • Activity: Discuss with the class how they grow and what they eat and drink. Students will be encouraged to ask questions before and throughout the story to get a better understanding of the life cycle of a plant such as a tree.
Culminating & Extending Questions:
  • Questions: Has anyone ever helped plant a tree? Who can tell me what animals contribute to the life cycle of a tree? How long does it take for a tree to grow fully?
  • Activity: Since our book has to do with the growth of trees, we will plant our own seeds in order to make a tree and though the students will not see much of the progress, for the remainder of the school year they will observe changes and we will discuss what the tree needs to grow.

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